Lentil Underground by Liz Carlisle

Lentil Underground by Liz Carlisle. Didn’t quite make the cut, but I got to experiment with soldering iron on wood panel.

lentil_process2lentil_process1 Lentil_closeup Lentil_6a Lentil_6b Lentil_6c Lentil_6d Lentil_6eLentil_3Lentil_4Lentil_5_revisedLentil_17bLentil_18bLentil_18c

The Dangers of Rebound Vampire

These didn’t make the cut…

ReboundVamp_5bReboundVamp_10 ReboundVamp_4 ReboundVamp_1

Anna Todd’s After series


Anna Todd’s covers I worked on that didn’t quite make the cut. Better luck next time.

After AfterWeCollided AfterWeFell

Better Homes and Hauntings outtakes

These are some outtakes from Better Homes and Hauntings for Molly Harper.


Behind the Scenes of Self Promo #3

Photography by Patrick Kang. Available upon request. Do not use without permission.



Making of Self Promo Project #1

Making of Frankenstein

Low Down and Dirty photoshoot


Give In To Me photoshoot

Give In To Me Behind the scenes

Mogul photoshoot

Mogul Photoshoot